İstanbul Inn Levent which was chosen to be a finalist in the Residential Category of 2013 Future Projects, is a mixed-use project that focuses on the prosperity of life and shows its existence in an urban scale.

The landscape that is located in the new face of Levent saw daylight since the current structures have fulfilled their lifetime. There had been attempts to create an architectural identity in this area that both carries the marks of locality and activates the dynamics of the region. Co-existance with the environment, shining light on the current potential of the area, and being able to carry the marks of its surroundings were the criterias that had been considered when the project was started. The diagonal and colourful shape of the environment is the cornerstone that creates the plastics of the facade and mass.

İstanbul Inn Levent consists of a single block with 19 floors and 135 units. It can fulfill any and all needs with pragmatic, logical and functional solutions with its modular planning establishment.